Meet the Ambassadors

Giving Day ambassadors—WPI students, alumni, parents, and faculty/staff—rallied support for their WPI passions, and over 1,300 supporters answered their call! We are tremendously grateful to our ambassadors and their incredible efforts and to all who joined them in making this one of our best Giving Days yet.

Mike Abrams '77

Financial Aid/Scholarships

"I want to help make WPI more affordable to all by supporting scholarships. Join me on Giving Day!"

Tyler Alexander '15

Areas of Greatest Need

"WPI has done so much for me while I attended and since I’ve graduated; I feel a personal obligation to give back to provide others with the same opportunities or more. That’s why I give unrestricted funds; so, the university can make the best decision on how to use the funds where they are needed most."

Lindsey Ambrosino '22, G'23

WPI Softball 

"It means the world to our program to have support from alumni, families, and friends, and it goes such a long way to the success of our program. From new equipment and facility maintenance, to assistant coaches salaries, to our pre-season trip, the support we receive through events like Giving Day helps us put our best foot forward in having a fun, rewarding, and successful season."

Brianna Ankstitus '23

WPI Business School

“The WPI Business School has provided me with so many great opportunities and taught me so much about working with people. One of my favorite opportunities is serving as the CEO of Gompei's Goat Cheese. We operate out of the Business Development Lab as a part of WBS and it’s provided me with a fantastic hands-on learning experience. Please join me in supporting the WPI Business School!”

Navelyn Carrillo '23

First Generation Student Association (FiGSA)

“FiGSA provides an opportunity to increase awareness of first generation college student struggles on campus while supporting students with resources and social/networking opportunities. Your support helps first gen students grow as individuals on this campus with the proper resources they may need..”

Liz Cole '23


“We build STEM activity kits for children at the local Friendly House, who strive for the educational, social and family betterment of residents in Worcester. Our goal is to reinstate the after-school program, which was halted due to COVID-19, and bring the 10-12 year-olds back to WPI campus.”

Kalvin Cummings '22

Assistant Director of Religious and Spiritual Life

Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education (ODIME)

“ODIME houses several identity centers which are designed to foster an inclusive campus community which respects, honors, and celebrates diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in all of its dimensions. This fund directly supports the functions and services of the OASIS Multicultural Center, Collegiate Religious Center, Center for Black Excellence, and Lavender Lounge.”

Janelle Drake '11

Areas of Greatest Need &
Pep Band

"As alumni, it's important to give back so the aspects of WPI that we most enjoyed continue to thrive and grow for future generations. No matter the amount donated, every gift helps to make a big impact for the engineers of tomorrow."

Conor Fahey '09

WPI Baseball

“Your gift will help the baseball team with their spring training trip. Join me in supporting the team!”

Paula Fitzpatrick

Director, Center for Well-Being

Center for Well-Being

"As the Center for Well-Being opens and begins promoting holistic well-being, your support will help with initiatives such as the creation of a the construction of a healing labyrinth, a path for walking meditation, and to reduce stress and quiet the mind."

Holly Galvin '24

A Moment of Magic
WPI Chapter

"We train students to provide creative programming to kids in vulnerable situations, such as hospitals or foster care, to improve their mental well-being. Donors help our volunteers spread magic moments; the more people that give, the more children we can help."

Madison Garrity '23

Habitat for Humanity- WPI Chapter

“We are raising money to pay for expenses for our annual build trip this January! This trip is a great experience and donations will help offset costs, so the trip is affordable to all. Thank you!”

Anna Gold

University Librarian


"My gifts to Gordon Library help renew and expand our beloved library spaces and programs. Most WPI students spend many hours every week here, stretching their minds together and creating new meaning. My hope is that everyone who’s ever used or loved Gordon Library will become part of our support network!"

Ana Grandgeorge '23


"The team is raising money for our bid to the NCA National Cheerleading Competition! This will be our second year competing in person and we hope to make this wonderful opportunity affordable for all of our cheerleaders."

Steve Hall '87

Dr. Frank Defalco Fund for Wrestling

“This fund will support a full-time, assistant wrestling coach. This position will support day-to-day needs such as the team operations, recruiting, and team member mentoring. Join me in honoring Coach Falcone with your gift!”

Anne Harris '16 

Dr. Debora Jackson Endowment for BIPOC students

“ We need your help to secure scholarships for future WPI students from historically marginalized & underrepresented communities. Your gifts will help propel our students on their path to success, making it easier for them to focus on their goals.”

Sam Hawthorne '25

Pep Band & Areas of Greatest Need

“As the Membership Coordinator for the pep band, I love seeing the positive effect that the band has on its members and those in the WPI community. Giving back to WPI is an amazing way to see growth and innovation continue at our university.”

Rachael Heard '17
Director of Academic Programming &
Student Transitions


"The support that the cheerleading team receives allows our student-athletes to focus on having fun and doing what they love. We are grateful to all who have provided donations that remove the financial burden associated with being on a sports team. Because of donations from 2021, our team was able to attend NCA nationals and represent the WPI community for the first time, in person!"

Florkenthia Jolibois '23

WPI Black Student Union

“Donations will support our Annual Fashion show and other events. These programs help students of color within our community feel like they not only belong here but that they can also enjoy these four years here. Thank you for your support!”

Sue Levine

P '22 and P'24

Pep Band

"From the first day, the Marching and Pep Band gave our son immediate connections to other students and a sense of belonging. Small amounts add up - so please give what you can to support the band or any of WPI’s groups!"

Ryan Luu '23

Vietnamese Student Association

“The Vietnamese Students Association brings students who embrace or are interested in Vietnamese Culture together. We are raising funds for more programs that can help us create a diverse and inclusive platform where people can share, learn, and celebrate Vietnamese culture and identity.”

Mark Macaulay '89, MS'94 and P'21

Club Ice Hockey

"The Fund was formed in memory of Coach Roy, Mike Gasek '59 and Ryan Sebastian '10, to support the WPI Club Ice Hockey team. Donations will be used for ice time, supplies and operations, with a focus on tournament weekends for the team.  Your gift helps ensures ice hockey remains a thriving & successful sport on campus."

Lily MacDonald '24

Active Minds

"Active Minds is a mental health awareness organization on campus. Our goal is to destigmatize the conversation about mental health. Your support will help provide programming to learn about various mental health topics and bring the WPI community together to better understand them."

V.J. Manzo

WPI Associate Professor of Music

The Electric Guitar Innovation Lab"

"The Electric Guitar Innovation Lab (EGIL) explores opportunities for research, innovation, and education related to the electric guitar and the various components associated with the electric guitar including instrument design and modification, amplifiers, pickups, effects processors, and more!"

Valerie Mason '92, P'25 
WPI Wireless, Rugby & Project Centers 

"I am working to support my son’s passion (WPI Wireless) and to create awareness of a new club sport (Rugby). And as projects are WPI’s foundation, the more opportunities that can be given in that area serves the students well."

Izzy Mastriani '24

Student Alumni Society (SAS)

"As a member of Student Alumni Society (SAS) , and the student body, nothing brings the whole school together the way a long standing tradition does. The donations we receive help SAS continue bringing the community together; and uphold the traditions and legacy of WPI."


Meyyappan '24


"We believe equestrian sports is something everyone should have the opportunity to experience! Our goal is to create an environment where it is financially accessible to all who are interested, in both a recreational and intercollegiate competitive team!"


Nakazwe '25

National Society of Black Engineers

"We are raising funds for NSBE members to attend two, life changing career development conferences held annually, and to do so free of financial restrictions. Thank you for your support!"

James Obermaier '24

Outing Club

"The Outing Club is one of the largest clubs on campus with over 500 members! We are always looking to offer more to our members and raising funds will allow us to realize lots of great ideas like different trips and events!"

Emily Perlow

Associate Dean of Students
Student Affairs Innovation Fund

"The Student Innovation Fund helps provide opportunity to support innovative student life experiences that help make the WPI experience better. Your support helps foster and facilitate the implementation of student led initiatives and provides responsive programming to meet emergent student needs."

Nate Reppucci '24

WPI Jazz Band

"This summer, WPI Jazz Groups is traveling to New Orleans! We'll be touring and performing, learning from professional jazz musicians, and attending the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. We hope to make this memorable experience affordable for all of our members!"

Josh Roberts '24


"I am raising money for SocComm because I believe we are one of the main sources of fun for WPI! Your donations will help support members like me bring our new ideas to life!."

Matt Runkle '11

Student Experience & Greek Life

"I credit many of my personal and career successes to the WPI community. With a pandemic and the stresses of world events impacting today's students, it's more important than ever to ensure they have opportunities to live their passions. I hope others will join with me to support those endeavors."

Jessica Sabourin

Executive Director, Financial Aid

Food Insecurity Fund

"Most people don't think about college students when discussing hunger and food insecurity. Your support will go towards providing meal swipes, and educating and increasing campus awareness about food insecurity right here at WPI."

Julia Sheats '23

High Power Rocketry Club

"These funds will help us afford cutting edge equipment and materials that teach students valuable technical skills. The funds will also help students like myself afford to attend the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition held at Spaceport America in the summer."

Greg Snoddy P'14 & P'20

Dean of Students
Food Insecurity Fund

“Having adequate food is essential for student academic success and general welfare. Your gift will directly and immediately help these students. Join me and others in the WPI community to support our meal swipe program and increasing campus awareness of food insecurity.”

Bailey Sweet '19

Alden Voices Sostenuto

“The Alden Voices Sostenuto fund was created to establish an endowment for longevity of the choir. Funds support current and future members for materials like music and dresses, but also supports tour opportunities and collaboration with professional female musicians. Your gift will help us reach our goals!”

Ben Tate '25

Investing Club

“We are planning a trip to NYC to visit Wall Street, hopefully tour the New York Stock Exchange and learn more about finance and investing opportunities. Your gift will assist us in covering costs to make it affordable for anyone who wants to come and have the best trip possible!”

Tamene Tedla ’15, G’23

WPI Global School

“Donations assisted me in my project-based learning with my PSK brothers and will provide assistance as I complete my graduate work in the Global School. The WPI Global School will hone my academic and leadership skills and allow me to advance in my career!”


Tousignant '24

Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE)

“Every year, IISE runs Lean, and Six Sigma Green Belt trainings and hope to provide scholarships for those who cannot afford it. We also hope to send members to the IISE national conference with your support. Giving day is a fantastic opportunity to support this organization and its students in their endeavors!”

Evelyn Tran '23

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

“SASE is a national organization focused on helping Asian heritage scientific and engineering professionals achieve their full potential. Your support will allow for more opportunities for our members to grow professionally, such as attending the SASE National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia!”

Tammy and 

Joel Truher P'25

Naudin Oswell Memorial Scholarship

"Underrepresented groups often don't have the financial and emotional safety nets that more privileged students can fall back on. Join us in helping to provide a little of the financial backstop that has helped so many to absorb life's potholes and pitfalls, and still succeed in college."

Jenn Wyse '94

Women's Impact Network (WIN)

"I firmly believe my professional opportunities and the life I have enjoyed since WPI are directly attributed WPI. My most recent philanthropic engagement has been directed toward WIN. WIN has provided an opportunity to increase awareness of the needs of those who identify as women in STEM, while facilitating a grant application and funding decision-making process with a direct impact in a variety of areas."

Jon Zimack '20

Student Affairs Innovation Fund

The Student Affairs Innovation Fund empowers grassroots student projects that improve campus life (such as DEI, mental health, etc.). Funding is secured through rapid deployment directly to student leaders via an approval board of active WPI alumni. Our goal is to raise $5k to unlock a $5k match!"